The equipment reports that the slide is running normally

If it is to stop after driving a little bit, it is usually because the set time of power failure is too short, or the BOPP belt is not pulled tight at the beginning, the system cannot detect the tension, and automatically executes the broken belt stop command. If the tension is displayed If it does not match the actual situation, you need to re-calibrate the tension. After pressing the start, the equipment reports that the slide is running normally, but the spindle does not rotate. If the main shaft does not rotate, only the bearing in the main shaft must be replaced, so daily maintenance is very important.

The main shaft of the horizontal winding machine rotates, but the car does not move. Replace the insurance.5 seconds, and the BOPP belt Fishing Swivels Manufacturers is tightened at the beginning. b. The solution is to The power-off stop is set to 1. This requires the manufacturer to pay more attention to the spindle during daily maintenance. a. Therefore, in the use process, the maintenance and maintenance of the winding machine is very important, which can reduce the failure rate of the machine.

Current and voltage overload will damage the electrical components of the equipment. The following describes the possible problems and solutions.Therefore, in areas with unstable voltage, it is recommended to install a transformer to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. You need to check whether the tension sensor is loose. It may be that the insurance is broken. The equipment produced by our company has a better circuit protection mechanism.

When the voltage is unstable, the circuit protection mechanism will protect the equipment and electrical appliances from damage. If the sensor is not loose, use an OPP belt to wrap around the sensor to see if the touch display changes with the tension.In the course of the use of the fishing rod equipment, the winding machine malfunctions due to improper use or other factors. Replace the fuse.

This problem is mostly caused by the lack of oil in the spindle.. This situation is mainly caused by voltage instability. After starting, the winding action will stop after running for a period of time. If the spindle and the slide plate have no response after pressing the start button, you need to check the electrical box first to see if there is a red light on, it may be that the insurance is burned out

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