The precious essence is not too expensive

Cloth nest: the precious essence is not too expensive. Many, two or three are appropriate. This will not only avoid the process of lifting the fish Disturbing the fish in the nest also prolonged the time for fish.5 It is better if it is about meters away, the water color is slightly darker, and the bottom is terraced or waters with lush aquatic plants. Bottom fishing can increase fish catch. If the float is slowly pulled into the water, it can basically be judged that it is not a crucian, it may be a carp or other fish or shrimp.

Lifting the fish: After catching the crucian carp, the fishing club does not recommend that the fishermen immediately lift the fish out of the water. The wild waters are vast and the density of fish is not as high as the fish pond. Bottom fishing method: bottom fishing is better than floating fishing. It is best not to use pendant fishing. If the float is jumping up and down by a large margin, it is a small fish at work and should be ignored. You should look for grass nests with lush aquatic plants and moderate water depth at river intersections or the intersection of main rivers.

Double hook bottom fishing is recommended to adjust four Fishing five, blunt fishing can avoid drifting caused by wind or currents, and enhance the stability of fishing drift.5 meters to 2. Fishing bait: The bait should not be too large, and the size of the bean should be appropriate, so that the fish caught can quickly suck into the mouth, or you can change the bait to a larger hook to make the bait blunt, which can increase the chance of catching big fish.

The fish should be pulled slightly diagonally, out of the nest, and then the arm is raised to pull the fish out of the water. Choose a point: Avoid clear waters, look for waters that are slightly turbid but China other fishing products Manufacturers not bottom, fishing clubs, rising water fishing beaches, refuge fishing pools, near fishing is better than far fishing, choose a water depth of 1.

You can also lure fish into the nest. Awareness of drifting: due to eating habits of crucian carp, usually the tip of the rod sinks a little first, then floats, or down for a while, and the rod should be lifted decisively at the moment when the tip of the float stops. The first time you hit the nest, you must fight more, and you should fill the nest at the right time to make the fish in the nest last long. Most wild fish are bottom-dwelling fish, crucian carp is no exception

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