Carp during mating period does not bite

This period of time is about 50 to 60 days, which is May and June in late spring and early summer. Of course, it is difficult for the large-particle Wanjiu bait to play its role. At this time, it is difficult to make the carp open if you use the normal bottom fishing method. It is timid, alert, and vigilant. You still need an 8-point rod. Choose a size or two larger than usual. It is enough to keep a certain frequency of throwing while fishing. I think the most basic problem that beginners should pay attention to is the separation of hooks.

Carp during mating period does not bite. The carp loves to dig into the mud to search for food, which produces uniform and dense bubbles. should correspond to the size of the line group as much as possible. Try not to hit the rod as much as possible. A few simple taps are enough. To Tips for carp fishing in fish ponds in spring: 1. It takes an average of 3 minutes per rod. Hand food is very simple.0/0.8 line set, the new Kanto 0.

Tips for carp fishing in fish ponds in spring 4, fishing methods The nest must be soaked thoroughly, try to reduce the hard objects, try to reduce the hard objects, after putting the fish into the nest, the amount should not be large, generally two fist-sized dumplings are fine, if the nest is hit too much, you You can pack your things and wait for the nest tomorrow. The water depth at both ends of the fishing pond is almost the same, only the difference in the fish layer, namely: morning and evening at the bottom of the water, fish may float at noon. Tips for carp fishing in fish ponds in spring 2: choice of fishing position Common carp is afraid of light, and it is often the place where it lives and swims in low light, and it often swims in slow waters. Where the carp is. Small pieces such as space beans, lead sheets, figure-of-eight rings, etc.

The atomization of the bait is lighter than the weight.5 new Kanto or the same size cuff hook, from April to the end, you can use the 1. The buoy adjustment is semi-water China fishing accessories tools Suppliers and air hook adjustment 4~5 fishing 3 or 2. In our place, the method of bottom fishing is generally used in spring to deal with the problem of difficulty in opening the carp during this period, and the effect is very good.6 line set, 0. The flocculent bait ball and the bright color stimulating taste can stimulate the vitality of the carp during this period. Hand food bait can use a simple combination of fishy bait and drawing powder.

When it is lower than 5°C, it basically stops eating. It acts and eats very carefully, and does not bite easily. That’s it. Tips for fishing carp in fish ponds in spring 3, choice of bait The fishing club recommends that fishermen use finer powder bait as much as possible when playing nests. Here is an analogy based on the things I have used, Lao Ji Xuan 40 + Lao Ji Xiang 20 + Lily Lure 10 + 10 snowflakes + 15% Dragon King hate red drawing powder + 3~5% ternary expansion powder, you can use a moderate amount Add some fish for appetizer. There is a lot of wind in the spring.

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