Change the white bar and try again

The reeds are roaming with the wind and may not be able to hide the snakehead. Said that I went out fishing and haven’t seen the black fish that I caught. No words all the way to the reservoir, very disappointed! Why is it sunny? The sky is gray, as if it is sunny or not. Change the white bar and try again. I really want to experience the chicken movement on the spot, and then bring it back to supplement my wife. Cool!! At this point, the rock in my heart has fallen, and Brother Yang’s mission has basically been completed, which is worthwhile.

Finally, the three gathered and set off officially. Although the weather is not good, but the task assigned by Brother Yang has been successfully completed, it is a worthwhile trip! Heiyu sent one to Brother Yang when he returned home. At this time, I feel that my physical strength has been severely overdrawn, so let’s sit on the fishing platform and catch some fish honestly! It was about 4 pm, when the crucian carp was good, during which time I caught a carp crucian and released it directly. the black fish seemed to be very uncomfortable. about. This guy actually caught some and there is a crucian carp.

When they got to the shore, another crucian carp ran.Brother Yang called again some time ago and asked me when fishing line spoolers I would leave for the expedition. And the bottom of the water weeds was serious. When I couldn’t sleep, I wondered what fish to catch, but I got confused until 5 o’clock. , The fishing hook ran to the tree again, and then pulled it hard, but the first quarter was broken. After lunch, the wind seemed to be getting stronger and stronger when I got to the place where I was hit last time. Xiaofeng was even more painful. This black is about 2 catties. I worked hard, and the moment of violent blackmailing, the most exciting moment finally came!

Dahei hadn’t recovered yet, and before he had time to taste the delicacy of the white strips, I was invited to the shore. The enthusiastic Xiaofeng set up fishing gear for him and adjusted the float. On a black fish, I feel confident. The black fish was hit again. I am tired for a while, and my arms become sore. This reason seems to be quite sufficient. Try hanging up the white strips, I click everywhere, as if I am acupuncture. In fact, it’s more painful to eat than to be hungry, and to go to the toilet at night is far away. I didn’t know where I was hiding and looked at me, laughed at me, and aroused my fighting spirit!! So I stretched my pole to the longest point and directly fished the deepest part of the reed

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